Cab Comics Employees

Cory Bushnell     Owner 

Cory hails from Tempe where he earned a degree in English Literature from ASU. He moved up to Flagstaff in 2010 and was disappointed to find that there were no comic stores in all of Northern Arizona, so he decided to fill the void and start Cab Comics. He enjoys spending time playing video games and boardgames, reading, and hiking with his wife and two dogs.

Alec Kozak     Heroclix Coordinator and Comic Artist

Alec came to Flagstaff from Prescott in 2008 to pursue degrees in Electronic Media and Film and Screenwriting. Alec runs all things Heroclix at Cab Comics. He is also a self-published comic artist, creator of Kozak Komiks, and recently had a short film in the Sedona Film Festival. He enjoys making and reading comics, making and watching movies, playing video games, and Heroclix.

Links to Alec's artwork:

Michael Chandler     Employee
Mike got his start at Cab Comics by taking over the store to produce his critically-acclaimed student film, Future Nazis, when the store first opened. He is majoring in Electronic Media and Film at NAU and is also a radio host and sales director at KJACK 1680AM. Mike enjoys Steelers football, Japanese films, listening to obscure music, and participating in other such hipster activities.

Link to Mike's radio station:


Josh Smith     Magic Judge

Josh is studying Psychology at NAU and is the sole reason Cory knows anything about Magic: The Gathering. Josh also works at NAU Parking Services (ie - if you ever get a parking ticket, Josh has an open ear). When not playing Magic Josh enjoys making tasty food, playing video games, playing Pokemon, and psychoanalyzing his friends.




Teddy Gardner     RPG Master

Teddy is majoring in English at NAU and is originally from Tucson. He is a Dungeon Master at Cab Comics on Wednesday nights and runs a variety of other RPG games on Saturdays. In his free time Teddy can be found doing homework, hanging out with friends, or playing video games - notably League of Legends.





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Cab Cast March 16th 2012

by Cory Bushnell

March 16th, 2012

We do a podcast each week here at cab comics!

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